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Krupa Samji MFP, RCC
Associate Clinical Counsellor


  • Immigration & Life Transitions - Grief, Stabilization & Processing (ie. education, career, location, relationship)

  • Student Mental Health (ages 14+)

  • High Achieving Professionals Stress, Anxiety, Balance & Burnout

Special Populations Served:

  • College/ Uni Students

  • Executives, entrepreneurs, & professionals

  • Immigrants & Newcomers


  • Dialectical Behavioural Therapy

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

  • Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

  • Motivational Interviewing & Solution Focused Therapy

  • Person Centred

  • Collaborative


  • Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) (#21548) with BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC)

  • Master in Forensic Psychology - 2017 (University of Kent)

  • Bachelor of Social Science (Hons) - 2016 (Rhodes University)

Online & Coquitlam

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Hello, I'm Krupa

Coming from another country for a high-demand career, education, or lifestyle while trying to manage family dynamics and deep fears of being unloved, unwanted or failing can be so demanding, heavy, and isolating. It’s likely to result in self-sabotaging behaviour and a sense of anxiety, sadness, or confusion.

However, therapy, a space of self-exploration and expert skill-building, helps by managing the feelings of stress, anxiety, frustration, and depression, thus creating a wonderful change in how you experience the world and show up in it. With therapy, it is possible to pursue one’s own passions, have the right level of challenge and enjoyment, address a sense of burnout or a lack of function, and overall have a more fulfilling life.

As a Registered Clinical Counsellor, I use therapy to help students, professionals, and immigrants make positive changes in their life and feel empowered. When people first come to me with their stories about life, I meet them with compassion and inquiry, good tools, delicate exploration of cause and effect, a lot of laughter, and a good conversation. I get moved by a lot of the stories of what people have gone through, and I am truly invested in seeing people moving in their own direction. It makes me proud to be just a little bit there to help someone change their life; I am grateful to be part of their journey and honoured to be at their side. My favourite part is when clients have the “ah-ha” moment in therapy and put in place the skills and practices learnt in session to build a meaningful and fulfilling life for themselves after therapy.


I know how challenging it can be to get up and go. Still, with baby steps, self-reflection, and new skills to build on, you can change the way you think, feel, and behave, so the world becomes a more enjoyable place. Through personal and professional experience, I have found ways to manage my own emotions and build a tool-kit for life’s challenges. In my life, I now have options as to what to do with myself, and I know the same is possible for others too. 


I have lived and worked internationally; starting in Zimbabwe, moving to South Africa to pursue my studies, then to England to complete my Master’s degree and for work, then to Dubai, before arriving in Canada. This has provided me the basis for being more culturally informed. Initially, I did a law degree and was pursuing a career as a lawyer (I have always been focused on advocacy and justice), but coming to being a therapist was my own self discovery of who I really wanted to be. I have worked in various settings since completing my education in 2017, from a forensic setting, to behavioural therapy clinics, to social service nonprofit, and now in public health and private practice.


In my down time, you will find me exploring dessert places in BC, going for walks with my pup, Koda, trying out yoga and doing some kind of DIY.

I have availability variable virtual and in person Coquitlam availability virtually on weekdays/ weeknights - please email or click "Book An Appointment" to see current openings.


Krupa enjoying the outdoors and an adventure.
Krupa enjoying the outdoors with her dog.
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