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About Our Clinic.

Our Name: As of January, 2024, corresponding with a move to a new long-term Coquitlam office, the clinic became KAYDA HEALTH which is a tribute to our founder's children's names, as well as draws on the meaning of Kayda - little dragon - because what could be better than having (or being?) a healthy little dragon in your life?

Our History: Thea Megas, RCC, founded the clinic in 2017. At that time, it was just Thea seeing a few clients a week as a feel-good side-gig. By 2021, the practice had grown to the point that it was a full time job. So, Thea left her corporate position as of Jan 1, 2022 and became Thea Megas Counselling. By fall of that year, Thea had a 2-3 month waitlist, so she  brought on two associate clinical counsellors to help and became Thea Megas & Associates Clinical Counselling. By 2023, the practice had expanded to include another clinical counsellor, an intern, and an Adult Mental Health Occupational Therapist, and we continue to grow.

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